Cut Fruit in the Times of Covid

It’s been a stressful day! 😳 Let’s hope the new normal eventually includes spa visits, cause I could really use one. πŸ§–πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

So as I wrapped up the chaos, I jumped on Facebook to say hi to friends (talk about social distance), when I saw that one of them had mentioned me in a post linked to this article: Love in the Shape of Cut Fruit. One bit really took me back:

Once, when the cafeteria at a new school served a bunch of grapes alongside its square pizza, I realized I was the only one peeling the paper-thin skin off each grape before popping it into my mouth. What are you doing? I can still hear my friends saying, as I hid the curling grape-skins under my milk carton.

Yes! Another grape peeler! πŸ‡As I smilingly read on, I found myself thinking of all the little details connected to my naked grapes. For the author, it was very much a cultural practice. For me, more of a curious one. But for both of us, it’s connected to expressions of love.

I’ve mentioned my grandmother at least once on this blog. Well this was one of the million tiny moments that make her so much a part of my daily life. She peeled my grapes for no other reason than to see me smile. Much like my mom makes something different for every grand child during visits.

This preparing of food is the gift of time and patience, all for the sake of making someone we love feel the truth of it.

So thank you, mom, for always having a filled fruit bowl with washed everything, ready for the taking.

Thank you, dad, for driving for almost an hour to get us the perfect chocolate persimmon sorbet.

Thank you, Hubby, for cool diced and seeded watermelon all summer long.

And thank you, grandma, for lime-drizzled mangos, sliced fresh figs, and all of those peeled grapes. ❀️

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