Book: From Me, For You by Raj Daniels

So do you remember I mentioned a friend of mine shared the Mira and Nexi comic with me? Well, same friend wrote a book some time ago—his name is Raj Daniels—and this year, I helped him translate his book, “For You, From Me.”

The book is a series of short posts that reflect on what’s important in life or offer a quick dose of motivation to start the day. I have to tell you guys how this book came about because I kind of love it.

Raj had been encouraged by people in his life to write a blog, write a blog, write a blog. He finally decides to go for it, and chooses for his imaginary audience his three daughters. The idea was to share his thoughts and reflexions with them in a format they might turn to later in life, so he included a short space for notes after each entry.

Fast forward a bit and at one of his speaking engagements, he’s approached by an attendee telling him this book needs to be available in Spanish. When he brought the idea to me, my team and I reviewed the book and immediately fell in love with the idea. We’re even helping share it here, on our social media, and for the next few weeks, via a Spanish language book club.

UPDATE: I’ve just started a book club for this on Discord, too –in Spanish, so if you’re more comfortable reading and writing than speaking, this is for you. Discord is a new platform for me, so we’ll see how it goes.

If you’d like to have a read in English, you can find the English version here.

And if you know someone who may like to read it in Spanish, you can find “De mí, para ti”, the Spanish version, here.

I hope you’ll check it out, share it, and if you enjoy it let me know or maybe even give Raj a review on Amazon. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Book: From Me, For You by Raj Daniels

  1. I loved the book!!!

    Narrated in a very simple language, “From me, for you”, it offers reflections on situations that affect us in our daily lives, without distinction of gender, race or age; It invites us to value the gifts that have been given to us and of which at times we are not aware, and it reminds us to take action in our spiritual growth.

    Highly recommended.


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