To rage or not to rage

Wow the world has gotten complicated. I’m sure there are more reasons than I can count, and I’m equally sure the internet is one of those reasons. We have this great opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings — and there are so many of them! Love that part. It’s great for finding folks with which to commiserate. But we also have this more intense anxiety around expressing ourselves.

Here’s what’s baffling me this week:

Is it me or is it more and more common for people in our circle to expect we’ll all react the same way to everything? I feel like once upon a time it was less of a big deal if something that triggered us didn’t really bother our friends. Good friends would listen to the rant that followed and maybe share a hug and cocktail. And then everything was fine.

The issue was usually the reverse. You know, when the group was mad, everyone was surprised and maybe annoyed with the one that wasn’t terribly worked up about it. Your basic peer pressure.

But now, where one is outraged, all must follow or risk being socially sanctioned for it. It’s weird.

Mind you, I tailor my circle of close friends (like most of us probably). But I’ve always tailored for how they treat me and others, not so much for how well they rage at the things that piss me off.

Our rage is connected to our experiences, so yeah, the menu of what sets me off won’t be just like yours or vice versa. It’s that last bit that seems to be disappearing, even for fairly innocuous things. ‘Cause I’m not even talking about major life issues. This odd behavior extends to small things like cleaning up after your dog and bad parking. And I find it so strange since there’s a simultaneous push for acknowledging everyone’s unique life experience.

Am I explaining myself clearly? If we recognize that we’ve all lived through a unique set of moments, why the expectation that we’ll all rave or rage about the same things? *Sigh*

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