Return of the Closet Purge, Part 1

Ugh! It’s that time. My life is again full of random things I don’t use —and a few I really shouldn’t. Where? Where, I ask you, is my Marie Kondo? For me it’s less of a keep-what-sparks-joy and more of a stop-keeping-shit-you-don’t-use process. Less zen, I know. But it works for me.

Back in 2017 (wow, it’s been a while), my big reward for purging was a trip. And in 2019, I was preparing for a house guest. This year, it’ll just have to be not losing my mind.

The Stages of the Closet Purge

You know how phone recordings tell you to listen carefully because their options have changed? Well, my closet purge stages have, too.

Stage One: Setting the intention

Setting and setting and setting. Full transparency: I’ve been talking about decluttering for about a month. And I’m barely now actually physically doing anything about it. Sort of.

Stage Two: Decide what season it is

Should winter clothes get stored? We had a snow storm not too long ago, but it’s been warm enough to turn on the A/C for the last couple of weeks. Will there be a Spring or are we going into summer next week? Maybe I should just extend the shelter-in-place order for myself and binge something. Ooo Master Piece Theater!

Stage Three: Admit how irrelevant stage two was

We’re getting rid of stuff, so when such things will not be used or worn by me does not matter. Not even a little.


The first bag of stuff has been filled! Sadly, it’s in the trunk of my car and has been for a week. OK, I lied. It’s been there for closer to two weeks. Still, it’s a start. Maybe I should focus on the kitchen first. We have a ridiculous number of spatulas, and I have no idea how or why.

Does anyone else struggle with this? No? Just me?

3 thoughts on “Return of the Closet Purge, Part 1

  1. What a wonderful article you have written! Funny and still getting your frustration and stagnation ♥️

    I wished I could be there with you! Decluttering is one of my favorite things to do.

    These questions may help you in the process:
    – What is the reason you are doing this? Why do you want to declutter? This is a very important question. Be true to yourself and take time to answer. If your reason does not inspire you enough, decluttering will become nore difficult, and will disempower you.
    – Do you have a plan? My recommendation is that you stay in one area until it is done. Going from one place to another is a trick yoir mind is playing with you to keep you from not accomplishing your goal.
    – Go through stuff you have not used in more than a year… Or two. Hold it, look at it and ask yourself: do I smile and it makes me feel lighter, better? If it does not, it may not be aligned with who you are anymore. As for utensils and stuff like that: have you used it? Do you need it? Does it make your life easier/better by having them?

    One last consideration I would like to leave out there: ask yourself… If you let go of an item, what room does it leave in your life? What wonderful new things will you be inviting into your life?

    ¡Un beso!


    1. You always have the best advice bringing order into my crazy world! Thank you. I agree that one area at a time is better. Otherwise it’s hard to feel any progress, even when bags are getting filled.


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