A little show-and-tell

Cool phone free option

YONDR phone pocket

The first share is completely random, but have you guys seen this? YONDR It’s new to me, but I think it’s genius. The bag lock and unlocks using a mechanism similar to a clothing security tag in a store. The idea is that you silence your phone, put it in the pouch, lock the pouch, put it in your bag and go to the phone free zone (ex: class, concert, meeting, etc.). At the end of the day or event, you return to the checkin point and unlock the pouch.

I’m seriously considering using it when I re-start in person events. We’ll see. In the mean time, I’m sharing with you. ‘Cause lets face it, we’ve all become a little overly attached to our phones — in my case, especially in the last year and half.

This is not a sponsored post, though if YONDR wants to pay me, I won’t say no. (YONDR, are you listening?) I like this product.

It caught my eye because of the name.

When I was little, I was often sent to play “over yonder.” For years I thought “yonder” was a synonym for the back yard, even though sometimes I was just being sent to some other part of the house. I guess I just thought grownups weren’t terribly concerned with whether or not we made it all the way outside as long as we scooted off in that general direction. Imagine my surprise when I finally figured out it just meant “over there.”

Finished narrating my first audio book

There’s nothing like a creative project, especially where a friend is involved. After helping him get it into Spanish, I got to actually do the narration 😀. It’s the first non-corporate recording project I’ve done. So fun!

The situation being what it was last year, this was a home studio production. I already knew I liked voice work. What I didn’t realize is that sound editing would turn out to be pretty fun, too.

Definitely doing that again.

I have a course!

This is my shelter-in-place project (my corner of the world was never fully quarantined). There were several projects, actually. Come to think of it, the audiobook was one, too. As were my online French classes, some (for me) pretty elaborate bullet journaling, ink illustration experiments, etc. I’m absolutely loving seeing my loved ones regularly again, but I ain’t gonna lie, the lockdown had its silver lining for me.

See, we have a pretty active family and social life, so when suddenly my lunch hours and evenings were completely free and Sunday brunch was on indefinite hold, my life was all about reading, walking in the park, sleeping, scrolling on social media, watching movies, all of the stuff I mentioned above… and putting together an online course called Learning to See Culture.

It’s been such a good experience that I’m outlining new courses already. And I’m roping in the rest of my team, so we’ll be launching several next year. We’ll eventually go in person again, but for now, this is a very satisfying new direction.

Your turn

What have you been up to? Found fun products or online spaces you would like to share?

Post feature image by Austin Kleon

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